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Mission Statement

We are committed to the growth and development of our students. We provide a safe and healthy environment in which our students are supported by fun and loving staffs that help them learn with assurance, adapt to and succeed in a multi-cultural society.

We strive to bring out the special talents and unique characteristics of each child by teaching them using a hands-on approach
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on 2012/10/30 23:30:55 (837 reads)

Ivy kids had their Halloween celebration on October 26, Friday afternoon. There were fun, games, prizes and custom contest. The 3-year old waste truck costume attracted most attentions and won the grand prize! Check out the pictures and find your most favorite one

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on 2012/4/16 22:54:58 (972 reads)

The Chinese New Year party was held at the Ivy school auditorium on January 20, 2012. All students, parents , grandparents and teachers were having fun together to celerate the year of Dragon. Also, all students have received the red envelope with money inside and a bag of snacks from the Ivy school before they left.

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on 2011/11/7 22:23:44 (1037 reads)

Ivy students had a wonderful Halloween festival on Friday Oct. 28. Everyone received treats for participating art, craft activities and games. In the costume contest, we saw creative ones as well as traditionals. It was FUN for all students and parents.

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on 2011/10/16 12:18:53 (1113 reads)

This summer was fun and excited. All students enjoyed the various activities very much.

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on 2011/6/10 0:27:15 (1252 reads)

Ivy 2010-2011 Pre-Kindergarten class celebrated it's graduation followed by an indoor picnic on Friday, June 3rd. Each student was capped and presented a certificate wittnessed by their parents. We are very proud of these kids with the efforts they put in throughout the year to achieve their goals.

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on 2011/5/4 22:07:39 (1193 reads)

On Saturday April 30th, Ivy kids participated the North Texas Chinese Speech Contest. They thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. The following students received awards for their outstanding performance.

Brian Zhou, 3rd Place, Kindergarten Group
Paul Resmer, 2nd Place, First Grade Group
Michelle Lu and Sophia Xu, 2nd Place, Third Grade Group

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on 2011/4/30 11:43:41 (1218 reads)

Despite thunder and rain outside, Ivy kids had a wonderful Easter Egg Hunt on April 21 in the comfort of our auditorium. Kids from every age group tried out their best talent to pick the most eggs. Everyone brought home a basketful of eggs filled with easter goodies. Open the photo albumn and enjoy the happy experience.

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on 2011/4/20 15:17:25 (1175 reads)

Ivy 2011 Summer Camp is now accepting registration. Register by May 15 to save $20 registration fee. Let's get ready for a fun summer!

Anouncements : 2010 Halloween
on 2010/11/10 1:11:00 (1706 reads)

Costume party was held on the afternoon of Oct. 29. IVY students dressed in different kinds of costumes. It was a fun and joyful party

Anouncements : 2010 Summer
on 2010/11/10 1:08:16 (2230 reads)

Summer Camp at 2010 was excited & unforgettable. All Summer Camp students enjoyed the variety programs very much.

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