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  1. Early childhood class - 18-months to early 2’s

    Help children become independent individuals, learn to interact with other children, practice basic gross and fine motor skills, and prepare for beginner class.

  2. Beginner class – 2-years to early 3’s

    Children are introduced to classroom setting as well as center-learning. They will learn and explore their environment, their family, and the community through their eyes. Their social skills at this stage emphasize on learning to follow rules, respecting others and sharing.

  3. Intermediate class – 3-years to early 4’s

    Create a greater emphasis on academic learning as well as social interacting with other children. Children will start learning to take responsibility. Children are encouraged to speak English as it is taught in the classroom. Developmentally appropriate academic curriculum is planned for this group.

  4. Pre-kindergarten class – 4-years and older

    Literacy is our goal. Reading and writing skills that began from early 2’s are becoming formal practices. Children are expected to both express themselves and understand verbal English. They learn to follow classroom rules and teacher’s instructions, and respect other children and adults they come in contact with. Basic Math, Social Studies and Science are studied to give students a better understanding of the world around them. Beginner Chinese class is introduced to this group.

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